About EZ Puck

EZPuck allows hockey players to train in ways that no other product on the market can do. EZPuck was specifically designed to remain stationary on the ice. Training with EZPuck will take your stick handling and game to a new level. Remember, stick handling is not something that can be learned once, but rather requires continued practice. So, whether you are a beginner or a pro, EZPuck is the product for you.

Why EZ Puck?

The reasons to use EZPuck are endless, and new uses are developing every day.

  • EZpuck is designed specifically to improve stick handling and puck control, which will lead to greater success and scoring.
  • EZPuck can be arranged in patterns to cover a wide variety of drills (visit our Videos/Training page for more information).
  • Consistent use of EZpuck will allow one to move the puck faster and with more accuracy.
  • Use of EZpuck will improve hand-eye coordination.
  • EZpuck allows you to train all year, both on or off the ice.
  • EZPuck is easy to transport and can be set up and ready for use in less than 30 seconds.
  • Never tip up a cone again! 

EZ Puck Design

Great time and effort went into the development of EZPuck. After numerous prototypes, a one of a kind training tool was created.


  • The developer designed EZpuck using two different colors.  The red EZpuck should be positioned at the starting point.  There is an arrow on the top of the red EZpuck which allows the player to visualize which way to start the drill.  The five remaining EZpucks are blue and should be positioned according to the desired pattern.
  • EZpuck was engineered to remain stationary on the ice, unlike cones or other similar stick handling tools.
  • EZpuck was created with a low profile design that does not interfere with stick movement or skating.
  • This quality product was made with non-corrosive materials for longevity.
  • EZpuck was designed with an R-value to prevent EZPuck from freezing to the ice.
  • Lightweight and easy to transport 

How to use EZ Puck

EZPuck is simple to set up.  For on ice training, position each EZPuck in the desired pattern.  Gently tap each EZpuck to minimize movement.  For off ice training, position in desired pattern