Ezpuck is the best new puck handling and skating training tool I’ve seen in a long time.  EZPuck is valuable and usable for all ages.  Set up your course and start stickhandling.  We have used Ezpuck at our hockey camp both on-ice and off-ice and it is equally effective.  Ones imagination is its only limit.

Doug Woog

  • Owner of Doug Woog Hockey Camp for 24 years
  • University of Minnesota, Men’s Head Hockey Coach (1985-1999)
  • 1984 Olympic Hockey Team, Assistant Coach
  • Fox Sports North TV Color Analyst
  • 31 years of coaching at ALL levels

I love using EZPucks because they allow my players to practice advanced stick handling techniques without the hassle of constantly having to pick up knocked over cones. It keeps my practices moving at a fast pace, which is one of the things that Build Your Game Hockey Training is known for. In addition, they’re much easier to pack up and take out of my coaching bag than other cones/stickhandling obstacles that I originally considered. EZPucks definitely deliver the high performance that a professional trainer like me demands.

Dave Perri – Owner of Build Your Game Hockey Training

I’ve played at many levels of hockey including Division 1 college hockey and professional. I wish a had the chance to triain with the EZPuck during my career. I have no doubt that if I had the chance to work with EZPuck I would have been a better stickhandler, goal scorer and overall player. EZPuck gives you the oppurtunity to do skating, passing and most of all stickhandling drills without wasting time setting up cones or pucks. This product is no doubt a time saver during practice and everyone knows the more time you have to practice the better player you will become.

Kevin Spiewak – Former UND Hockey Player

I’ve been involved with hockey my whole life whether it has been as a player or as a coach. The EZPucks that we have incorporated into our practice plans have been awesome. At the mite age it has been so much fun to see the kids develop their stick-handling and skating skills by using the EZPucks. From a coaches standpoint it is nice to be able to set up the pucks and not have to worry about them sliding all over the place as you do with cones. Whether you are on the ice or in the garage the EZPucks will be a great tool for the kids to work on developing their hands and feet. Also, when demonstrating the drills recognize that it can be a fun workout.

Chad Skarperud – Hockey Coach

Since my son has been using EZPuck his stick handling has greatly improved, which has also helped his passing and vision. We also use the EZPucks every day for 15 minutes during our practices. Our team is really improving and it all starts with the fundamentals of handling the puck. EZPuck is a fun way to learn how to handle the puck.

Tim Sandy – Hockey Coach for 20 years

After coaching 16 teams, from 5 to 14 year-olds, EZPuck is one of the best training devices since the cone. I’ve been able to incorporate the EZPucks into other flow drills during practices. EZPuck is a great tool for older kids to work on keeping their heads up  while working on their puck handling skills. They also work great for the younger kids as they are learning to feel the puck.

Joe Provost – Hockey Coach